Sangria Recipes — How to Make Sangria

Welcome to Sangria Secrets.

There’s nothing more pleasant than sharing a pitcher of sangria on the back porch with good friends. Every year I look forward to the first evening warm enough to celebrate summer with delicious sangria. And when I’m feeling that winter is just too long, I indulge in some special wintertime citrus sangria.

If you love sangria, too, I hope you’ll also enjoy some of my favorite sangria recipes I’ve gathered. After summers (and winters) of trying out various recipes, I’ve realized you can’t really make a bad batch up sangria. I’ve put together some tips to share with you so you can create your own personalized recipes that match your taste and ingredients on hand.



3 Steps to Summer’s Best Sangria

There are fewer things more delightful than Sangria. I love the way it makes use of any season’s bounty: fresh luscious fruit. In the winter, citrus abounds, lending itself to combinations of lemon, lime, orange or tangerine Sangria. In the summer, nature shares her sumptuous flavors of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cherries, mangoes. The freshness and sweetness of the fruit is key to a successful sangria recipe.

Remember – there are no rules to sangria, just 3 simple steps. It is up to the cocktail queen or king to let their taste, season and mood to shine through.  Read More….